C4: Des Moines, hosted by Billy Joe’s Lounge, will take place in September/October with the winner receiving $2000! 


Ten qualifiers from the C4: Des Moines prelims will join QC4 winner Gideon Hambright and C4: Omaha winner Steve Smith at the Finals on October 11th. One of the largest comedy competitions in America is coming up… Are you ready?


CornStar Comedy presents:  Ben Herman! 

Ben will be recording his first full-length stand up comedy CD tonight at Billy Joe’s Lounge in West Des Moines, IA!  Come on out for a FREE night of fun, excitement, and crazy amounts of laughter.  Ben will be bringing down the house, and you can be caught for eternity laughing all the way during his one night only event.

Doors open at 8 for the 8:30pm start time. 

Special guests Gideon Hambright and Travis Cherniss!

Many might be curious about the motivation behind changing our domain name to comedyGO.co, so I’ll explain it here:

“comedyGO.co” (an abbreviation for “Comedy Guy Online”) is going to be the Internet home for a HUGE amount of comedic content produced by CGent, LLC for the foreseeable future. Our goal is to bring as much live comedy as possible to this site, in real-time and also available for repeated viewing.

This current site is on its last legs; very soon, you will be able to view all Comedy Guy Entertainment, LLC events right here on comedyGO.co instead of having to go to ustream.com to enjoy them. The feed will still be via UStream, but you will not have to worry about taking the extra step to consume fantastic comedy from around the country.

Every other Thursday, you will be able to see Billy Jokes streamed LIVE on comedyGO.co starting at 8:30pm. On off weeks, we will re-run the previous week’s show in that 8:30pm time slot so you can catch anything you may have missed.

We will be streaming the Finals of every “C4: The Cross Country Comedy Competition” live as well, with opportunities for repeated viewing after the initial live broadcast. We’ll have an up-to-date schedule of all live programming and re-run shows on the site as soon as we get the TRUE comedyGO.co up-and-running!

One of our more ambitious goals will be kicking off in January 2013: Original programming blocks. Our goal is to provide you with fantastic live stand-up comedy throughout the week via live broadcasts and re-airings of your favorite events, but we will also be searching for scripted comedy shows (and non-scripted interview shows) for the 7pm-11pm CST time slot. We will go into much greater detail about this very soon; just know that I personally am incredibly excited about the possibilities.

The launch for the new and improved comedyGO.co is anticipated to be April 1st, in conjunction with Ben Herman’s CD release through CornStar Comedy Records (www.cornstarcomedy.com). Until then, please enjoy the links to Comedy Guy Entertainment, LLC events and programming that we will provide right here on the site!

The Comic Bible

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The Comic Bible

Stay tuned for even MORE about ICF and the Comic Bible!

We at the Iowa Comedy Festival would like to talk about a terrific partner in our event this Fall:

The Comic Bible!

A print publication dedicated to all things comedy, The Comic Bible is now a valued partner of the 2nd annual Iowa Comedy Festival.  You can learn more about them at their site, where they have comedian and industry interviews, news, listings, tips, resources, and more!

More details about The Comic Bible and their involvement in the 2011 Iowa Comedy Festival will be coming in July.  Rest assured, the opportunities created by this partnering will mean great things for those involved in the Festival, particularly those participating in C4 and the Best of the Midwest!

ICF alum Jeff Caudill, who wowed audiences at the “Kernels” All-Iowa Showcase last October, signed a record deal with New Wave Dynamics almost immediately following his appearance at the first annual Iowa Comedy Festival.

Now, his debut CD “I Tore That Up” is tearing up the comedy charts online!  Jeff’s album is now #62 on Amazon.com’s Top 100 Comedy downloads from the past week, despite just being available since Thursday.  The 17-track album was recorded live at Honey Creek Inn at Lake Rathbun in Iowa in front of an audience of 250. 

Help Jeff climb higher up the Amazon.com charts by downloading his CD!  It’s only $8.99 and includes 25 laugh-packed minutes of oustanding material.  You can find it by searching for “Jeff Caudill” or by going to www.newwavedynamics.com/jeffcaudill! Let’s see how far this deserving up-and-comer can climb up their comedy charts; as with everything else in his comedy future, the sky’s the limit!

Jeff’s personal comedy website is www.comedianjeffcaudill.com

Questions? Comments?

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Any and all questions about the 2011 Iowa Comedy Festival will be happily answered by submitting any inquiry to info@iowacomedyfest.com.

Tickets to individual Iowa Comedy Festival shows will be made available starting in August.

Play the NWA Game!

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Please visit our sister website and brother in comedic arms, www.nwagame.com. It’s the brainchild of Des Moines comedian Marc Von Ahnen, and the rules are simple:

We all know what the “n” in the rap group “NWA”s name stands for.  But we think they could’ve done a better job figuring out proper words for the “WA.”  Since they dropped the ball creatively, it’s up to YOU to help come up with better acronyms (but just for the ‘W’ and ‘A’)!

You can either submit yours via comments on the website or at their e-mail address, playnwagame@yahoo.com!

And be sure to check out the appropriate acronyms the website’s creators have already come up with.